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Our Team

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Executive Director

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma for Graduates at University of Otago in the early 2000s, Andrew has been working in sports organisations across New Zealand for over two decades. Recognising the evolving landscape, Andrew identified a pressing need for businesses to enhance their technological capabilities and bolster their digital presence. This realisation sparked his unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between sports and technology.


Throughout his career, Andrew has lent his expertise to a myriad of international and domestic events, leaving an indelible mark on the sports industry. Andrew's leadership extends beyond events; he has held pivotal roles in various sporting organizations, including basketball, cricket, and netball, at different echelons. His passion for leveraging technology to propel sports into the digital age has driven him to continually innovate and drive positive change within the sector.



Graphic Design & Photographer

Ros is a brand designer who has had both in-house and agency experience. She has been responsible for creating and shaping the visual identity of brands such as Kiwibank, Fisher & Paykel and Bendon Lingerie. Her role was crucial in establishing these brand's personalities, values, and overall image.


Ros has also had client-facing experience managing clients and their journey from initial concepting to getting positive results. Ros has executed packaging, digital and identity design. She has experience in creative strategy, art direction, copywriting, content creation, event promotion and social media management. By combining creativity with strategic thinking, Ros delivers designs that clients are proud of.


Ros enjoys a hard deadline and thrives in a fast-paced
environment in conjunction with a positive team environment. Ros is currently working for a handful of national and international clients.



Creative Director & Strategy

Gary Stewart is the founder and visionary force behind The Gas Project, a multi-disiplinary graphic design business based in Central Otago, which has clients spanning the entirety of New Zealand. With over 35 years experience in brand, identity, packaging and book design, Gary works with clients on projects large and small, from small hospitality venues to large multinational businesses, universities, councils and food & beverage producers.


In his former life, Gary was a founding partner of Ocean Design Group, with his past portfolio including work with NZTE, Meridian Energy, New Zealand Tourism Board, Caffe L’affare, the New Zealand Film Festival, and many other illustrious organisations. He has designed a number of award winning books, including NZ design histories of New Zealand Tourism and early advertising.


Gary is passionate about design - a passion that fuels his mission to elevate New Zealand's identity on the global stage through thoughtful and impactful design solutions.

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Motion Graphics & Videographer

With over two decades of expertise in motion graphics, Stu boasts an impressive career path, having lent his talents to esteemed entities such as Taylormade Media, Studio 2, Saturday Disney, and SKY TV. Beyond his mastery of animation, Stu's versatility shines as he seamlessly transitions into acting and presenting roles.


Throughout his journey, Stu has witnessed firsthand the transformative shift from traditional print media to digital media. Leveraging his extensive experience, he has played a pivotal role in guiding businesses through this evolutionary process, facilitating their adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of media consumption.


Stu's multifaceted skill set and keen insight into industry trends have solidified his reputation as a forward-thinking innovator in the field of motion graphics and content creation. Stu continues to drive towards new heights of success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Raj Nov 22 BIG.jpeg


Creative Producer

As a Creative Visual Storyteller and content producer/director Raj solves problems, tells stories & makes things happen. Raj has over 20  years' experience in all the creative arts including design, film production, content strategy, advisory, tech and also business. Raj can spot a story a mile away and has worked with many brands to bring their stories to life, including Auckland Airport, NZTA, Silver Ferns Farms, and multiple District Health Boards across the country.


Raj has had many hats/job titles from Owner, Creative, Director, Script Writer, Project Manager, Account Manager, Producer, Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Digital Producer, Camera Operator, Editor… the list goes on. Currently as a Creative Producer/Director, Raj travels all over to tell amazing stories of talented people.


In his previous life, Raj co-founded Access Granted, one of the best podcasts in NZ about tech, media, startups, and upstarts, where he honed his skills as a podcaster, presenter, producer, and writer.

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Digital Ad & Content Strategist

Beverly started her career in retail management with Uniqlo, one of the World's largest fashion retailers known for their impeccable customer service. She got hands-on with store operations and received special training at their Japan and Singapore headquarters. She then moved on to an award-winning digital marketing agency where she grew her knowledge in social media content, writing captivating and relatable content for clients from various industries.


Now a proud member of Marketing Cowboys, Bev has since then expanded her digital skills, from Advertising Campaign Management to Email Marketing and Content Management Systems and has since worked with 30+ various brands on their social media content and marketing activities.


Thanks to her background in retail and audience knowledge she has acquired from digital marketing, Bev is connecting brands with their customers in meaningful ways.



Client Consultant & Media Strategy Lead

Arsel has accumulated a wealth of experience spanning two decades across various industries within New Zealand. His journey has been punctuated by thrilling encounters with global sports events like the FIFA and Rugby World Cups. Additionally, Arsel's innovative spirit has found expression in the realm of brand development, with the successful launch of several businesses across multiple sectors.


Arsel has spearheaded the integration of digital content within businesses for the past 20 years, even before the internet became what it is today. Beyond the adrenaline-fueled arena of major events and brand building, Arsel has also delved into the intricacies of media and PR strategy, enriching his skill set with a nuanced understanding of communications. This diverse background underscores Arsel's versatility and his ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern business with finesse, ingenuity and innovation.



Data Analysis & Web Master


Nauman is a seasoned professional with a Master's degree in Computer Science, a testament to his dedication to continuous learning and mastery of his field. With a decade of invaluable international experience, he has left an indelible mark on the Middle East's tech landscape, having worked extensively in dynamic hubs like Dubai and Saudi Arabia. His tenure at prestigious companies such as Nakheel in Dubai underscores his reputation as a skilled and sought-after expert.


Nauman's expertise spans a wide spectrum, ranging from proficient web development and adept server administration to meticulous data analysis.


For the past eight years, Nauman has been working with clients of all sizes across New Zealand, contributing significantly to the integration, expansion and success of the Information Technology used within these businesses, through his unwavering dedication and innovative contributions. 

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